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So Many Reasons to Love That Colour!


Gold is copied worldwide to be used in manifestations of light. Gold is an expression of light and a property of light. It can hold us in the highest heavenly planes of existence. It can shield us in our creative energy to enhance more productivity. Gold is truly our masculine divine quality or etheric energy of light!


Look at how the colour of gold light can enhance our Spirits and aid in our creativity.


 When we first feel the light Spring...

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Health & Colour with Cynthia Cole

Cynthia Cole is a an Energy Healing Intuative & Empath here in Barrie. She works on higher existing Realms and frequencies as a conduit to facilitate connections for those choosing a higher vibrational way of life.

The Energizing Effect of Colour

Colour is everywhere in our world. It gives strength and vision to all of our dreams and lights up our energy body so that we can feel its resonance deep within our cells. Colour stimulates depth of experience and a whirlwind of excitement in everyday occurrences from the most subtle to the most divine.

When our energy field, which surrounds our body and stimulates life force in every cell, comes into contact with our visions of what we want to create, cellular activity becomes vibrant. These vibrations, in turn, stimulate more energy to be encoded into the brain for cellular expansion. Once these expansions have taken root then our energy re-vitalizes every part of the body, including anywhere there are restrictions.

If we have restrictions in the body, our energy flow is not complete. We become restless, less alert, distressed and not energetically at peace. The more restrictions we have in our energy field, the more reluctant we can feel to venture ahead with new visions to create abundance in our life. Energetically, we can suffer from more strife, tension, irritability and a general malaise.

To create a happier core of energy, we must produce more thoughts or visions which can hold more positive energy. As we align with our positive creations that we envision, we can surrender to the experience of having all that we desire to build in our life.

It is a frequency of light, and thus colour, that enhances and changes the direction for us to create a new life, inwardly and then outwardly. If we become proficient at learning this skill of using colour frequency or therapy then we can encode any energy that comes our way into a positive vibration to create what we want.

Various colours align with frequencies of thought and can be adjusted to strengthen attitude as well as emotions. We have all heard of someone “feeling blue” when sad or another “seeing red” when angry or even “the green-eyed monster” to portray an individual's jealousy. These concepts are aligned with different frequencies which can steer you into either more negative or more positive ways of being. You can choose which motivation that you want to apply to yourself or you can remove it!

Certain vibrations of energy colour your world more appropriately than others. To ascertain how the energetic movement of colour affects us all, be still and focus on your thoughts. Once you tune into them at a deeper level of consciousness then you can start to relate to which colours soothe you and which ones enrich your life and which ones cause you strife. Colour is all light energy which is equipped to flow through you and energize you at the cellular-molecular levels.

Creating your vision of how you want to live your life is extremely important as it delineates which areas you want to hold onto and those which you would like to release. Changing your perceptions always leads to peace! Change your colour frequency and you change your thoughts; you change your mood; you change your reflections; you change your space; you change your circumstances; and you change your life!

Written by Cynthia Cole


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Sue Kay - Passion for Colour

Sue Kay - Passion for Colour

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