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Black & White bathrooms are the perfect way to ensure easy re-sale, a classic timeless look and a modern update. Here are a few beautiful bathrooms to inspire the change from contractor grade to magazine worthy.


(Photo Credit http://www.insideout.com.au/insideout/13-spaces-that-rock-statement-tiles?ref=)

Mosaics are so easy to install now a days and can be found at your local hardware store. They make your wall look like a work of art and a little can make a huge impact in a space. 


Ladies and gents are Killin it over on the #ambularinteriorsaintgotnothingonme feed! @carpendaughter is #slayin her brand spankin' new bathroom remodel. Have you hash-tagged your feed yet yet? You totes should! Ok, good talk.: ...

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Health & Colour with Cynthia Cole

Cynthia Cole is a an Energy Healing Intuative & Empath here in Barrie. She works on higher existing Realms and frequencies as a conduit to facilitate connections for those choosing a higher vibrational way of life.

The Benefits of Colour in our Life by Cynthia Cole

The benefits of colour frequency in our lives is all around us. Look at how we feel emotionally when we are in nature with all the splendid colours or view artwork or sculptures or paintings with such great heart flowing through them. The colours generate emotions with us that can be connected to Spirit on a grand or a small scale. Either way, we feel spiritually connected to wider, deeper breadths of being in soul and heart. It is all a part if being wired to colour frequency.

Our connectedness comes from feeling freer than we have ever felt before we can widen our experiential life here by qualities of light, and thus colour, which can transform energetic rhythms within us. Feeling close to nature puts us in a good moo, but when we are having an off day, being in nature then motivates us to clear more negative energy from our cells and lights up a happier, clearer way of flowing throughout the day. Remember how good it feels when you go for a walk in the park and see  all of the beautiful colours surrounding you in nature? It can soothe even the most negative feelings within you and brings you back to being centered and calm.

To be truly happy and cultivate good rhythms of light within our body, we can perform such maneuvers as being at peace and stillness in our aura or by having more thoughts which generate calm rather than instability. It is a game whether to think good, happy thoughts or not, as we can play it any way we wish! However, when we choose the higher way of being, our positive thoughts can influence our body, which then influences our mind, to begin to realize that colour influences thought. We are not separate in thought or deed. 

The mind and even the brain cell activity can be enlightened by merely shifting attitudes of thought and correlating them to better ways of viewing yourself. If we can be motivated to feel better by using colour to magnify higher ways of being, then we have done a good deed, all by ourselves, which stimulates others to be in tune with their higher parts of themselves. It is a win-win situation!

Specializing in enhancing colour all around us helps us eventually to be able to clear our senses from negative stimuli and to promote a higher more positive view of life. It is well worth the time and energy to commit to helping yourself view life as a pleasant atmosphere rather than having an unwholesome vision to keep entertaining your thoughts to.

See your life as a shield of colour working to contribute to your happiness and for lessening the stress and anxiety that builds up over time. Our colour frequency is a complex system of light but does your cells to being more substantially able to flow with heightened energy to function well in today's world.


Written by Cynthia Cole


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