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Farmhouse kitchens are a beautiful blend of old and new. They have charm and character, all while incorporating the latest design trends.


Here are a few examples of well thought out farmhouse kitchens to inspire your next project.


(Photo Credit http://www.casatv.ca/publications/les-idees-de-ma-maison/les-etageres-ouvertes-on-aime-ou-pas/diaporama/les-armoires-ouvertes-on-aime-ou-pas/628136)

Wood table and shelving. Grey slip chairs.

(Photo Credit http://www.mysweetsavannahblog.com/2015/01/favorite-green-kitchenswith-paint-colors...

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Black and white rooms are timeless and never go out of style. They're classic, as well work really well for all types of rooms. Whether it's the bedroom or the kitchen, black and white walls are a for sure thing.

Mur accent noir et plafond en bois 

(Photo Credithttp://www.dustjacket-attic.com/2014/07/interior-design-holiday-house)

To keep it interesting play with texture for example a faux brick wallpaper like the image above (available at Colournow). The change in texture will ensure the room doesn't fall flat by creating...

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This rainy tuesday afternoon calls for the perfect reading nook. A place with a view to the outdoors, pillows and throws to enjoy spring showers. Here are some beautiful reading nooks to take inspiration from.

Monochrome - keep it calm and soothing in a single toned nook with luxurious fabrics and window treatments.

A (White) Wine Nook for a Night In:

(Photo Credit https://homebnc.com/best-reading-nook-ideas/)

Roma blinds über die ganze Breite des Fensters und Verdunkelung/Abschattung darunter direkt auf der Scheibe. TV Bänke vor die Fenster/Heizkörper:

(Photo Credit http://www.studio-mcgee.com/studioblog/2016/5/5/friday-inspiration-our-top-pinned-images-this-week)


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Gorgeous kitchen with navy cabinets and black splash.:

(Photo Credit http://sabonhomeblog.tumblr.com)


The kitchen above speaks for itself, with gorgeous colours, fun tiles and layers of details this kitchen makes a statement. It's bold and subtle at the same time and we're going to break down each layer to better understand it's design success. As well we'll look at other examples and ways you can make your kitchen as beautiful and unique as this one. 


1) Add some colour

Who ever said that kitchens need to be white, brown or grey. Change it...

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Textured bathroom tiles can create an incredible effect in the bathroom like it has in this one.:

(Photo Credit http://notebook.vitazko.com)

Texture is one of the most important aspects of design, it can really change the look of a space. Tile is a great way to do this. It can add shine or sparkle, change up the layers within a space or add drama. There are so many options for tiles nowadays so why not get creative and choose patterns that will really change up your space. 

Sleek Powder Room #designlove #designinspiration #designanddecoration #houzz #pinterest #interiordesign:

(Photo Credit ashleydanielledesignsinstagram.com)

Just a little bit of texture behind a mirror or on an accent...

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The luck of the Irish is on your side when you decorate with green, with St. Patrick's Day around the corner why not take some inspiration from this fun, cheery but most importantly green holiday. Green is calming, represents nature and growth as well has healing properties. It makes you feel safe and it is the most restful colour on the human eye. 

Wow! This is an intense hit of green for a bold interior design scheme - it's great to see how well painting the woodwork and furniture all in the same colour - a great modern paint technique More:

Keep it Cool

Army green is everywhere in fashion right now, it acts as a neutral and pairs easily with any colour. Why not take a nod from the...

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Benjamin Moore has done a complete change from last years colour of the year being Simply White OC-117 to this years gorgeous dark lilac Shadow 2117-30. This gorgeous mid purple creates warmth ambiance and depth. This reintroduction of colour into the home is refreshing. It helps create a mood as well provide interest and personality. 

Image result for 2117-30 shadow

Here are some great inspiration images of mid toned purples like Benjamin Moore's Shadow and how to use them in your home. 

Love purple but not ready for full saturation - try this look balanced with metals and neutrals. Still rich and beautiful but does not need as much of a commitment to the colour -change your wall colour to your next favourite colour and reay to move on to your next look.: ...

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Black & White bathrooms are the perfect way to ensure easy re-sale, a classic timeless look and a modern update. Here are a few beautiful bathrooms to inspire the change from contractor grade to magazine worthy.


(Photo Credit http://www.insideout.com.au/insideout/13-spaces-that-rock-statement-tiles?ref=)

Mosaics are so easy to install now a days and can be found at your local hardware store. They make your wall look like a work of art and a little can make a huge impact in a space. 


Ladies and gents are Killin it over on the #ambularinteriorsaintgotnothingonme feed! @carpendaughter is #slayin her brand spankin' new bathroom remodel. Have you hash-tagged your feed yet yet? You totes should! Ok, good talk.: ...

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I love the look of this Geometric Pattern Self Adhesive Vinyl Wallpaper - what a grea way to update your room decor and by all accounts easy to use.:

(Photo Credit https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/187781745/palm-leaves-pattern-regular-or-removable?ref=listing-shop-header-1)


This simple but effective paint stencil really makes for an eye catching feature wall. It would look great in any room with a variety of colours, its geometric pattern makes it fresh and modern best of all it is easy to recreate.

What you need

-Painters tape

-triangle stencils (2 sizes)

-2 paint colours


Paint your wall in the first colour of your choosing. ...

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The colour black is often not used on walls, it can be intimidating or can easily make a space feel dark or cave like. However black can can look luxurious, bold and classic if it is done right. Today we are going to look at the colour black in the dining room and how you can make a fabulous space to entertain guests. 

black ceiling! Please paint your ceiling people especially your dinning rooms. Entry's and hallways can always look more finished. It's in the simple details that really pull a room together.:

(Photo Credit http://domino.com/black-decor-ideas)

Pair black with clean,crisp white trim. This will ensure the space still feels open and timeless. The best colours to do so...

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