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Day two, of my co-op at Colour Now went great! Today I had different opportunities which started off with stocking the shelves with the morning paint order.  This was good because it gave me a chance to become familiar with not only where the types of paints go on the shelves but also the types of paints available. I also had to fill a quart of oil paint; this is an interesting process because it is the only paint you mix manually, which is a little daunting at first, yet very easy once you get...

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Today was the first day of my co-op position at Allandale Decorating. I had been looking forward to today since the interview with Sue Kay and Larry Gottschalk back in October and for the day to finally be here is so exciting. We jumped right into learning about the paint mixing machines as well as how to operate the paint shaker and cash register. I was intrigued by the technology used to create the paint and was able to get some hands on experience with the machines. Throughout the morning...

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Have you been loving your space recently, but want a quick change to your space? Or have you been searching for just that small different way to make your space feel slightly different?

Try painting your interior doors another colour. Even if it is only the back of the front door or your bedroom doors down a hallway. It changed up the space dramatically and only takes a small amount of paint. Either keep it neutral with a soft dark grey like Iron Mountain (2134-30), dramatic with Black...

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As I look outside today the rain is falling and it feels like the only thing to do is light a cozy fire and bake cookies...... And maybe paint,

Painting up lifts the soul and brightens the day, especially painting furniture. I love taking an old piece and bringing new life to it. Sort of like giving it another chapter in its colour story. Just recently Benjamin Moore released its colour trends 2015 and they are truly spectacular. Their top colour for the year is HC-116 Guilford green a...

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Well I think we all see a little light at the end of the winter .... Yes spring has arrived although to me it seems she is sleepily crawling her way out of bed like a tousled haired four year old not really ready to wake up!

These longer days have us all re addressing old projects and has us crawling out of hibernation. I must admit the cold weather kept me in and I'm yearning for the lake. My daily drive around the bay reminds me how much I love this city ....we have made great progress...

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