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So Many Reasons to Love That Colour!


Gold is copied worldwide to be used in manifestations of light. Gold is an expression of light and a property of light. It can hold us in the highest heavenly planes of existence. It can shield us in our creative energy to enhance more productivity. Gold is truly our masculine divine quality or etheric energy of light!


Look at how the colour of gold light can enhance our Spirits and aid in our creativity.


 When we first feel the light Spring...

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Do you ever see a bright piece of furniture and fall in love with it, then stop and think about how you would actually use it in a space? You absolutely love the colour but think to your self it's not realistic or needs to be a neutral in order to work in your home. However that is not the case! If you love something that it bright or out of your comfort zone why not try and make it work. A great example of this is an awkward colour like orange. It is bright and rich however can be tricky to...

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Placement Opportunity

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A room can be a room with just a little paint on the walls. In fact a smart colour choice can often make the space.. but isn't it always nice to do something a little extra. Just something to make your space stand out from the rest. There is one simple way to do that and all it involves is a little wood.


A plain wall can easily be turned into a focal point with some pieces of wood.

Paneled detailing in a Utah home designed by Lindy Allen of Four Chairs Furniture Design (via House of Turquoise).

(Photo Credit http://kmehomes.blogspot.ca/)

 It can be an intricate pattern like the image above or a simple...

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Romantic lifestyle                                                       …

(Photo Credit http://home-styling.blogspot.ca/)


There is something to be said about the impact a formal space can make in a home. Whether it is a dining room, study or master bedroom there are certain aspects of the design that can make it look luxurious. Today we are going to provide 3 simple tips on how to create a refined space.


1) Monochrome Colour Palette

A room done all in the same tones is sure to make the space more elegant. That being said it is all about the colour choice. You...

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It is hard to believe that the holidays are just around the corner! Parties are planned, family is getting ready to gather and most importantly you're stressing about your home and it's lack of decorations. Not to fear! Today we are going to look at some simple decorations you can place around the home to wow all your visitors, without adding too much work to your already busy agenda. 

1) Choose a colour scheme.

To make your home look pulled together the most important aspect is a consistent...

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So the island needs some drawers and or doors but otherwise...love it

(Photo Credit https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/74/0b/12/740b12d9b78783b694b7f95582c72e3b.jpg)

A pretty pale blue is the perfect colour to bring a little charm to your kitchen. Why not right? Sometimes you need a little pop of colour to add some excitement into your home. 

Modern kitchen with open shelves, natural wood barstools, blue cabinets with white waterfall edged countertops

(Photo Credit https://www.studio-mcgee.com/studioblog/2017/4/24/promontory-project-great-room-kitchen)

It plays on both the masculine and feminine side, goes well with a lot of neutrals and is very calming...

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You don't always have to turn to other homes to get your inspiration. In fact the best ideas and inspiration usually come from hospitality or commercial designs. Hotels, retail stores, restaurants are all amazing places to look and see what you can do with a space. You just have to have a little vision and imagination on how it can be applied in your home. 

Image result for Hotel Bachaumont

(Photo Credit https://www.tripadvisor.com/LocationPhotoDirectLink-g187147-d7776432-i247700717-Hotel_Bachaumont-Paris_Ile_de_France.html) ...

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Whether it's an accent wall with a bold colour, or a fun pattern on a decorative pillow there are many ways to make an impact in your space. Memorable design can easily be achieved and today we are going to look at some examples of rooms that accomplished that.


This coal black wall against the crisp white bedding and beautifully patterned rug makes this tiny room very memorable. It is an easy look to copy with...

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Loving the side table, mirror and lamp together!!

(Photo Credit https://i.pinimg.com/originals/0c/d4/af/0cd4af4e0496b85b7073fd99cf2b92bd.jpg)

This beautiful grey blue reflects the cool snowy skies. This colour works so well in a home because it compliments all neutrals like grey, brown or beige which is often the colour of people's existing furniture.  


Benjamin Moore's Ocean Air 2123-50 is one of my personal favourites, this light icy blue is the perfect blend of masculine and feminine. As well it works well for a modern looking space or...

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