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How to Make a Space Look Refined

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(Photo Credit http://home-styling.blogspot.ca/)


There is something to be said about the impact a formal space can make in a home. Whether it is a dining room, study or master bedroom there are certain aspects of the design that can make it look luxurious. Today we are going to provide 3 simple tips on how to create a refined space.


1) Monochrome Colour Palette

A room done all in the same tones is sure to make the space more elegant. That being said it is all about the colour choice. You want to go for more neutral colours like whites, greys or even pale blues.

White and grey living space. Love the sofas facing each other with the ottoman in the middle. Stunning!

(Photo Credit http://www.airspacelocations.co.uk/)


2) Material Choice

Choose furniture/materials that look and feel expensive. Velvet and silk is a great example of this. Add some great toss pillows or fur throws to take it one step further. 

Living Room

(Photo Credit https://i.pinimg.com/originals/39/c3/bd/39c3bdc14fe9d31c17ed444107f490b9.jpg)


3) Details, Details, Details

The last step is the most crucial. You want to make sure that room is covered in details from top to bottom. Crown molding, wainscoting, medallions around the chandelier, maybe even wall panels. Any architectural detail you can apply to the walls and ceiling will guarantee a more refined look.

Top 7 2017 Interior Design Trends With Living Room Chairs

(Photo Credit http://modernchairs.eu/top-7-2017-interior-design-trends-with-living-room-chairs/)


Follow those 3 simple steps and you are on your way to a top notch, refined room.