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So Many Reasons to Love That Colour!


Gold is copied worldwide to be used in manifestations of light. Gold is an expression of light and a property of light. It can hold us in the highest heavenly planes of existence. It can shield us in our creative energy to enhance more productivity. Gold is truly our masculine divine quality or etheric energy of light!


Look at how the colour of gold light can enhance our Spirits and aid in our creativity.


 When we first feel the light Spring energy of the new season upon us, we feel refreshed and energized in the light. We feed each other compliments about how well we look in soft golden light around a campfire at dusk on a Summer's eve or when we are near a candle's flickering flame. Most of us would rather be sunbathing in the golden light of Autumn rather than being held in the dense cold and darkness of a Winter's night.


All around the world, we worship our sunlight. We deem it impossible to brave the cold without it shining down upon us as we go through the yearly rhythmns of time. We are obsessed with sunshine!


Our magnificent gold sun shining down on us lets us know that we are in an even flow of light. It clears our energy and we feel uplifted and generally in a better mood. We feel happier and less likely to complain and be in a negative frame of mind. It lifts our Spirits!

Our whole energetic structure fills with lightness and frees us from  fear.




As in essence, we are all built of the same light cell structures, we can create whatever thought we hold. Our desires ignite our thoughts into manifestation in our world. It is a feeling-thinking energetic alignment of thought that interjects our creativity to have what we want.


Many times, we wish upon a star but a star is just our sun in formation with our light! We are light!


When we feed our body more golden light, our energy curves upward to the stars! It envelopes our highest dreams of anticipation for our future life in one cellular memory and encodes other cells to join in. More light equates to more dreams coming true!


Allowing more gold light to enhance our bodies and nurture our Spirits requires using gold in every sense of the word. Delving more into our creative being is part of our life's goal on earth. It encompasses past, present and future.


Discover your own way to incorporate more of the golden tones of light into your life. Be outside in nature every day in the wonderful enlivening light. Find a golden scarf to fling around your neck. Wear gold jewellery. Decorate your home in the opulent colour. Manifest your dreams by coming home to more light!




Cynthia Cole