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Expert Answers

At Allandale Decorating Centre. We pride ourselves on being experts when it comes to painting and decorating, after all its our job. We are often asked the same question repeatedly and so we have compiled a list of questions/answers to help you.

If you don't see your question/answer please use the question form and one of our experts will get back to you promptly. Who knows, maybe your question will be just what someone else was looking for.

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Expert Answers

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1) Should I prime new drywall before painting?

- Yes, we always suggest priming first with a drywall primer/sealer before painting patchwork or new drywall. Even dark or vibrant colours we suggest priming over as well to help achieve your new colour faster!

2) Do I need to do any special prep work for stucco ceilings?

 - If you have stucco ceilings that have been painted before, than there is no special prep work. However, if you have stucco ceilings that have no been painted or primed, they need to have a special oil-based primer applied. We suggest Odorless by Benjamin Moore.

3) What do I need to do if I have oil paint on my trim?

- You need to clean them with TSP and water first. After drying, do a light sanding with a fine sand paper. Take a damp cloth to clean up any dust from sanding. Do one coat of Fresh Start primer and you are ready to paint with a latex over top. For best results we suggest Aura Satin by Benjamin Moore for trimwork. If you have oil on your walls, be sure to clean then with TSP. If there is a gloss to the walls, do a light sanding and prime with Fresh Start primer before painting with a latex.

4) What are the best applicators?

 - The one roller we suggest would be our most popular Microfiber roller (15ml) for the average flat ceiling or walls. The best brush would be our Sue Kay brand 2.5" angled cut in brush. Great for trimwork, and cutting in!

5) How do I clean up after using oil paint?

- You need to clean any supplies used in oil paint with paint thinner. You can let them soak if need be. Be sure you let any rags with paint thinner on them dry out completely before disposing of. Be sure to wash out your supplies afterwards with soap and warm water.