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Psychology of Colours

Colour Psychology


Colour Psychology can be a large factor when it comes to loving your space. It can influence certain emotions, as each colour has a deeper meaning than just what the eye perceives. They can relate directly to the body, mind and soul. Essentially, one is wanting to have perfect balance between all three. 

If you have ever wondered what a certain colour means, or the background behind a specific colour see the list below for key facts:

White - A pure, sophisticated colour that can heighten the perception of any space. White is a simplistic colour that creates total reflection of light. In culture today, white is seen as purity, innocence, peace and cleanliness throughout the world. However, you want to be sure to use a warm white, as a cooler based white can influence the feeling of coldness, sterile and unfriendliness in some. A white that would be great for any space would be White Dove (OC-17). 

Black - Another glamorous/sophisticated colour that can influence security, emotional safety and ground a space. In cultural backgrounds, black can be associated with mourning, rebellion, and intimidation. However, black can be a colour that can mean wealth, health and prosperity in other parts of the world. If you have a lot of light, airy colours in a space, it can ground a room by adding black in specific pieces. Be sure to use black in a way that is inviting and does not take away from the the space. A great all-around black is Onyx (2133-10).

Brown - It generally has the same seriousness as black, but much warmer and softer. Brown is seen as a nature-based colour that connects us directly to the Earth and it's natural elements. Brown shades can be a reliable colour that work well in any space where warmth and support are needed. A wholesome colour seen in cultural background as practical and comfortable. Brown can also act as a grounding colour, so by adding a touch of Mink (2112-10), you will be sure to get that warm room you have always dreampt of. 

Grey - Psychologically neutral, grey must be used in a way that is inviting. In many aspects it can be seen as a suppressive colour, but paired with the "right" colour, grey-tones can be heightened and neutralize the space. Be sure to use a warm grey that has more warm undertones instead of cool-based to entice confidence and diminish the feeling of dampness and lack of energy. A perfect grey that works well in most rooms is Collingwood (OC-28).

Red - Red is considered the Physical colour. It has the longest wavelength, making it the most powerful colour. Red is seen as the closest colour, making it effective for traffic lights and stop signs. It stimulates our senses, raises pulse rates and can activate the "fight or flight" insticnt in masculine principles. Pure red is the simplest colour and can be considered in most cultures as friendly, passion, good luck, and life. Want a lively pop of colour in your space that will stimulate, Caliente (AF-290) is a great red that is warm and can be used inside or out.

Blue - Blue is considered the Intellectual colour. It is the colour of the mind and essentially soothing to most. It affects us mentally, rather than physically. Especially with soft blues, it can create a calm mind and aid concentration. It is serene and objects appear slightly further away in this colour. However, in some cultures it can be seen as unfriendly or cold, blue has a great impact on the cultural ideas of immortality, trust and protection. A blue like Constellation (AF-540) would heighten your intellectual side and provide a great soothing atmosphere.

Yellow – Yellow is considered the Emotional colour. Yellow is stimulating and is the strongest colour psychologically. The right yellow can lift your self-esteem and create confidence, courage and creativity. However, a bright intense yellow can do the complete opposite. It can create irrational thoughts, depression and anxiety. Having someone help you will leave that negative “yellow streak” behind you. A comforting warm yellow like Honey Harbour (CC-170) will bring optimism and friendliness to your space.


Green – Green is known as the colour of true Balance. There is no adjustment needed for the eye to see green, therefore it is a restful, harmonic colour. If you are requiring a restful space that is peaceful and refreshing, green is your colour! This lucky, fertile colour is seen everywhere in nature and allows you to keep in touch with your surroundings. However, you need to be careful with greens, like yellow it does have negative attributes and can be seen as a negative colour in some Eastern cultures. Finding that balance between a soft spa-like green and the negative stagnation that green can give off is key! Glazed Green (CC-580) is not only great for a spa area in your house, but a great neutral green that would tie in with most natural finishes.


Violet – The Spiritual colour, Violet has the shortest wavelength encouraging deep contemplation or meditation. It is associated with royalty, and can represent the finest qualities in the world. With the proper use of violet (also known as purple), you can create a space full of luxury and authenticity. Violet however used in a negative manner is associated with inferiority and can look cheap if the wrong tone is chosen. Amethyst Shadow (CC-930) paired with a soft warm grey will bring that space into a royal retreat fit for any King or Queen.


Orange – Orange is one of the most stimulating colours, as mixing red and yellow together forms this comforting colour. It focuses our mind on physical comfort like food, warmth and shelter, and as such is associated with optimism and positivity with the balance of red and yellow. It is seen as a fun colour and used correctly can make your space feel secure, comfortable and full of abundance. Even though orange is considered a colour that is great for any space wanting full stimulation, it can be seen as a frivolous colour that lacks serious intellectual values and can cause sleep deprivation in bedrooms. Prairie Lily (CC-98) used in smaller quantities can bring a stimulating colour to the room without causing frustration.